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Save the Date: The SmartTie: The Future of Fashion is Sustainable and Social

Skintie bridges the gap between fashion and tech. Discover how.

Skintie bridges the gap between fashion and tech. Discover how.

The SmartTie: The Future of Fashion is Sustainable and Social

Bridging the Gap between Tech and Fashion

Event: Product Demo Thursday, November 8 at LOCATION TBD- Appetizers and Cocktails will be served.

San Francisco - SkinTie, a San Francisco-based Fashion-Tech startup proudly announces the launch of the SmartTie, the first-to-market connected tie made out of sustainable collagen from fish scales. It’s equipped with a transmitter chip that will allow wearers to share the contact information and photos of their choosing, henceforth protecting their privacy and security.  

When? There are two dates to remember: November 8 and November 10.

Product Demo

To celebrate this event and for a product demo, SkinTie invites you for appetizers and French wines served at LOCATION TO BE DETERMINED, November 8, at Noon.

Fashion Tech Event

The product demo will be followed by a Fashion Event: SkinTie, a French Affair at Le Colonial 721 Lounge: Saturday, November 10, 2018, at 7 PM – 2 AM, 721 Lounge.

Why should you care? With SmartTie, SkinTie bridges the gap between fashion and tech by merging the beauty of a sustainable collagen-based fabric as soft as silk with a chip that transmits only the information that the wearer chooses to share with others.

The chip technology and the fabric were both designed to be applicable for multiple uses and applications. The SmartTie is just the first of its kind.

How does it transmit the information? With an app! Simply scan the tie and Voila! Information shared from one person to another.

When to wear it? Great for events, single events, corporate events and as an icebreaker. It does not share your location, therefore, protecting your privacy.

Make a Fashion Statement! Inspired design for men and women. Be a trendsetter. See the Collection here.


The Higg Index developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition reports that the global fashion industry consumed 79 billion cubic meters of water, which is more than electricity production, and is threatened by water shortages in cotton-growing countries. SkinTie addresses that problem. Here’s how:

The SmartTie Solution

  • SmartTie Our Collagen Beauty Fiber® is a new generation of luxurious bionic fabrics made from recycled natural collagen peptides and viscose.

  • It has a silk-like sheen, cashmere feel, linen-like moisture control, and is 100% biodegradable.

  • SkinTie's Collagen Collection® is sure to fulfill your pursuit of an environmentally friendly lifestyle and unique personal style.

And more...

  • The advanced nanotechnology used in our new Beauty Fiber® SkinTies makes them antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-static, moisture permeable, and sun-protective with UPF 30+.

  • Custom-made in San Francisco. Neck fitting available and recommended.

If interested to attend or of obtaining a product demo, please, RSVP today to Anne Howard and Jack Shea at and  with Oxygen PR, San Francisco.

If you cannot attend the event but interested in a product demo? Just contact us and we will make it happen at a time and place convenient for you.