Collision 2019 - What We're Excited For

Collision 2019, billed as the anti-CES, is just a few days away and Team OXYGEN will be on the ground in Toronto. The city plays host for the first time as the conference hopes to attract a more international audience going forward after moving up North from New Orleans.

And attract it has! 25,000 attendees are expected to descend upon Ontario’s capital to rub shoulders with the likes of Justin Trudeau, Seth Rogan, and Ev Williams, and many more notables. In anticipation, we thought we’d share a short list of sessions that caught our attention.

So without further ado …

Opening Night!

Collision opens with a huge event at Toronto’s Enercare convention space, with talks by Justin Treaudeu (the most handsome PM of them all) and Seth Rogan, who will talk about Canada’s burgeoning cannabis industry. Toronto’s Mayor, John Tory, will also address attendees.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

Actor, director and cofounder of HITRECORD, Joseph Gordon-Levitt discusses the next chapter for the creative online community of over 700,000 people, and emphasizing creative collaboration over self-promotion.

The “Third Rock from the Sun” star recently raised $6.4 million to help match creative collaborators as an alternative to the traditional Hollywood production house.

Ev Williams! And Kara Swisher!

On Tuesday the dean of American tech journalism, Kara Swisher, sits down with Twitter co-founder and current Medium CEO Ev Williams on what’s next in social media. With criticism of Twitter as the ultimate platform for trolling and hate speech, it should be interesting to see what Ev thinks about Twitter’s infamy and whether or not it can be brought back into the light.

PlayStation’s Main Man!

As a huge gaming fan, I’m very excited to hear from PlayStation’s Shawn Layden. From heading up PlayStation’s 13 development studios to pushing the boundaries of PSVR, Shawn takes dreaming up new game-play frontiers very seriously. Perhaps we’ll even get a surprise PS5 demo? We’ll be at the Centre Stage on Tuesday afternoon to hear this one.

Spooky Action at a Distance!

Quantum computing is a mind-bending concept that’s beginning to take shape in reality, and its implications are far reaching. Innovation in quantum computing technology and increased cloud access have enabled a new era of quantum application development. D-Wave customers have built over 150 early quantum applications to date, with use cases in fields ranging from automotive to finance to manufacturing. Practical quantum computing is not as far off as many think, and we're starting to see quantum pioneers emerge in a number of industries.

Smart Cities!

Smart cities: myth or reality? Either way the concept is fascinating. Google sister company, Sidewalk Labs will get the Collision treatment on Thursday, where the company will showcase the model for Toronto’s 12-acre Quayside neighborhood. This presentation should be extra interesting since the city just filed a lawsuit against Sidewalk over privacy issues. Drama!

Collision is shaping up to be a packed and exciting few days, and we can’t wait to experience it. Watch this space for a wrap up post event!