Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Modern PR

Influencer Campaigns for Strategic Media Marketing

By Jack Shea

Adults are living media-centric lives with nearly half of every day spent consuming media on screens and smart devices. Social media drives this media-centric lifestyle, and the influencers are the celebrities of the digital movement. Influencers open the doors to consumer trust, and brands need to incorporate influencer campaigns into their PR and marketing to reach larger audiences.

“Influence causes an effect or changes behavior… It's not just about generating brand awareness or recommendation: influence now extends to multiple disciplines within the brand to unite previously disparate groups to complement and impact sales, satisfaction, and retention.” Brian Solis

Brands that invest in influencer campaigns are investing in the future of their companies. In fact, 63% of millennials connect every day on social networks and consume less and less traditional channels such as radio, TV, and newspapers; therefore, social media networks, the home of the influencers, are crucial to modern marketing.


Defining the Influencer

There are several ways to classify influencers, and the Oxygen group classifies influencers into three categories:

    • Famous celebrities: the most visibility and can have millions of followers (note: more visibility doesn’t mean more credence amongst followers)

    • Large-Scale Influencers: high visibility to a broad audience

    • Small-Scale Influencers: fewer followers but have a niche audience with high levels of interactions and engagement. They can have as few as one thousand followers, but these influencers are usually closer connections of their followers who have high levels of trust in the small-scale influencers.

Relationships connect marketing teams with Influencers

Influencer campaigns are successfully implemented when the campaign organizers establish long-lasting relationships with the influencers. Kellogs exemplifies strategic partnerships with influencers in its use of influencers as agencies. After building relationships with influencers, influencer marketing can take many forms. It can be an announcement of an event on an influencer’s account page, product placements, and any organized interaction between a brand and influencer.

Creativity is the answer

The key to a successful influencer campaign is creativity in the visibility of the interaction between a brand and influencer. A brand's utilization of the influencer is an investment in the consumer’s experience with the brand. Modern agencies understand the need for creativity in marketing campaigns, which is why Oxygen establishes relationships with influencers for brands in every industry. Contact Oxygen to learn how your brand can develop its marketing with an influencer campaign.