Qwant Music


CompANy's goal

Take advantage of their presence as an exhibitor at SXSW 2018 to launch their platform and gain attention from both tech and music journalists; to meet key music industry players

The challenge

Powered by an unbiased search engine, Qwant Music aims to become the IMDb of music, as a platform that gathers all things music related and bridges the gap between music lovers, artists, streaming platforms and music majors. Sitting at the crossroads of technology and music, SXSW provided the ideal opportunity for Qwant Music to launch in the American market. Qwant, and especially Qwant Music, had close to no presence in US press prior to the event.

What we did for them

  • Organized a briefing session to help them transition to US ways of communication
  • Wrote a press release and created a complete press kit to fit US media
  • Scheduled interviews, demos and meetings with journalists attending SXSW
  • Helped with media relationships on-site at SXSW
  • Supported the Qwant Music team on-site with social media recommendations 
  • Coordinated business meetings 
  • Scouted innovative trends within their industry by attending conference sessions at SXSW
  • Logistics (restaurants, transportation)
“I appreciated the dynamism and reactivity with which OXYGEN integrated the issues related to the music environment, and particularly to our product Qwant Music and its goals. During upstream preparation for the event, we were able to see the quality of communications work being done (bilingual nature of the press kit, distribution and follow-up). At SXSW, we appreciated the advice on how to present Qwant Music according to our various interlocutors (journalists, business executives, music pros, etc.)”
— Stéphane Leca, CEO of Qwant MUSIC

The results

  • Placements in Tom’s Guide, Forbes, Musically
  • Coordination of 5 meetings with high-level executives from major music industry players (Spotify, Universal Music, Pandora)
  • Report (60+ slides) on music industry trends

Key takeaways

  • Position Qwant Music as being part and parcel of the music ecosystem bringing another layer of services rather than being “just another startup”
  • Schedule interviews for the first day of the interactive trade show, ahead of the event taking place (when journalists are the most responsive)
  • Use the event to create fun, eye catching on-site material for social media: GIFs of the team, pictures of the product at the event, etc.