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Eddie Leblanc

Founder & CEO

After working for fifteen years as an IT Journalist for French newspapers, Eddie founded Oxygen in Paris, France is 1999. His mantra since founding Oxygen has been "Who better than a journalist can talk to journalists?". To Eddie, doing PR “right” means communicating the right message to the right journalist at the right time. No spam, only relevant and insightful information with long-lasting relationships. Positioned at the heart of the tech community, he gathered the most creative and thriving French-speaking companies within French Tech Meetup San Francisco, a 2,500+ member group of entrepreneurs. As a French Tech Ambassador, Eddie is always available to assist startups new to the Bay Area. 


Pauline Canteneur

Business Development Lead

Pauline earned a master’s degree in Business Management from EDHEC Business School in France. She studied in Brazil and interned in several countries in Europe. She previously worked as a Strategy Analyst for BNP Paribas in San Francisco, scouting innovative trends ranging from FinTech to Smart City and Digital Health. She was also a tech writer and radio journalist. Her favorite topics cover AgTech and FoodTech, Future of Mobility and Future of Work. Pauline joined Oxygen in 2018 to help accelerate the agency’s growth. When she’s not attending tech conferences or going crazy on marketing subjects, you may see her performing strange contemporary dance moves around the city.


Alicia Eyme

Senior Account Executive | US-FR Relations Manager

Alicia got her double Master at Sciences Po and University College London where she learnt the ropes of writing a killer story. As Benjamin (Franklin) would say, she strives to either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about. With more than six years of experience in PR management in France and in the US, Alicia is a true expert at designing successful PR campaigns for clients ranging from multinationals like Decathlon or Monster to early stage startups doing crowdfunding. At night, Alicia turns into a fashion and lifestyle blogger. No surprise, she’s passionate about fashion tech and the latest lifestyle trends.


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